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 Signia Carat binax delivers a natural binaural listening experience by combining balanced design with binax technology. Two independent clinical studies have proven that Carat binax allows wearers to hear even better than people with normal hearing in certain listening situations.** Both the rechargeable Carat binax and Carat A binax with optional DAI offer binax’ binaural benefits and wireless connectivity, flexibly meeting client needs. Carat binax. Flexibility meets a new dimension of hearing. All This For ONLY $1300.00 Each! 

Hearing Aid Styles

Completely In The Canal

CIC IIC Hearing Aid

 CICs are the smallest hearing aids. They fit inside the ear canal, with only a small portion of the face visible, making them difficult to notice.

A small speaker rests on the back of the aid, while the microphone and battery door are on its face. A tiny cord helps you insert and remove the device.

Advantages of Completely In Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids

  • Very discreet
  • Custom fit
  • Natural hearing experience due to microphone's placement close to the eardrum
  • Low feedback due to placement
  • Stay in place

Receiver In The Canal

RIC BTE hearing aid

RICs are a type of open-fit hearing aid that use a thin plastic “micro” tube that extends from the body of the hearing aid (housed behind the ear) over the outer ear and into the ear canal. A small, soft tip sits inside the ear canal without sealing it. This way, air and sound can continue to flow to the ear canal naturally, reducing feelings of being "plugged up."

Advantages of Receiver In Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids

  • Doesn't close the ear; tube avoids the “stopped up” feeling of in-the-ear aids
  • Minimizes the sounds of your own voice and chewing by allowing these sounds to escape the ear canal
  • Tiny casings are often totally obscured behind the outer ear
  • Nearly invisible tubing makes RIC aids virtually unnoticeable

Behind The Ear

Behind The Ear Hearing Aid BTE pensacola florida cantonment hearing loss hearing center hearing help

 The most familiar hearing aid style, Behind-The-Ear (BTE) aids, are housed in a durable case that rests on the back of the outer ear. These aids are suitable for the widest range of hearing loss, including profound hearing loss. While the larger size BTEs allow for more power and features, the smallest ones, mini BTEs, are practically invisible when worn. 


Advantages of Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

  • Easy to handle, insert and adjust
  • Suitable for all levels of hearing loss
  • Can fit many features
  • Larger batteries for longer battery life

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